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The hacker managed to message Zedevile via a Facebook friend, manipulating her through a tricky message that asked for her details by creating a realistic situation similar to “I’m stuck with my email” or “This is an emergency, I need your email and password that I’ll give back in 2 minutes.” The girl naively replied, trusting her ‘friend’ and gave over the one email she rarely used.

However, once the hacker received the password he was able to start social engineering, and from there, hacked into her personal accounts associated with the internet, including i Cloud where private pictures of her were kept.

The hacker then proceeded to threaten her, demanding she fulfil his requests or he’d upload her private pictures to her social media profiles.

He also stated to her, “I have nothing to lose and I don’t care,” leaving her little choice but to go along with his demands.

Zedevile went to a cyber crime team for help, but because the hacker was from Pakistan, their help was limited.