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But there's never been a bad day at the office.", as he and Bacheleda later had a baby together shortly after filming wrapped (they dated for one year, but have since split). so exactly how much of that on-screen stuff was acting, and how much was real attraction? As Farrell says, "It's always strange to kiss someone when you know they're getting paid to kiss you back.That's the most simple, mathematical way to put it." Rihanna Hooking Up With Ryan Phillippe, Sexting Colin Farrell...That his “bits” are something to squirm about has been officially confirmed with the wide Internet dissemination of a notorious 14-minute home porn tape, in which we see Colin being his randy self.

In the indie film “A Home at the End of the World,” based on the novel by “The Hours” writer Michael Cunningham, Colin was bizarrely cast as a sort of asexual cherub with a bland personality, blank facial expression and incomprehensible sexual sway over everyone who crosses his path.

The story goes that a full-frontal shot of our boy was cut from the film’s theatrical version because, as was reportedly reported in The Sun, Colin was “too well hung.” Audiences in test screenings apparently became overly-excited, women gasping while the men-folk squirmed uncomfortably.

And truth be told, it might be his most winning performance ever.

With all the evidence in place, the question remains: Is Colin Sexy?

The 35-year-old told Female First, "Kissing is lovely, so any time I get to kiss someone, that's great." Colin Farrell And Salma Hayek Making Out?