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You should have a lubricant with you since the anus does not self-lubricate, and have your nails cleaned and trimmed so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Choose good position, the one that gives you good access to the butt- such as lying on the stomach or side. ***EDIT from Moderator*** There are many "toys" for doing this, but the safest are those with a FLARED BASE.

Lying on my back, I opened my legs, placed the shoehorn end between the folds of my anus and with the scratcher end pressed against a pillow or wall, I pressed and moved over the shoehorn end gently, but with increasing and decreasing pressure, until I felt particularly strong sexual sensation without any pain.

When done right, my whole rear-end seemed to light up and become suffused with a powerful arousal, and, of course, the orgasms that came were of a new order I had not felt before.

Eventually, in order to free my hands for other things, I discovered it was possible to apply this pressure using certain objects that stimulated, but did not quite penetrate my anus.