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If your credit is less than the automatic refund amount, it will be used to offset ongoing payments.Rising Star Dance and Show Entertainers Entertainment at it's finest best describes Rising Star Dance and Show Entertainers...

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Your daily standing charge will be discounted so that over a year you'll receive a discount of £40 on your electricity charges and £50 on your gas charges for paying by Direct Debit.

If you choose not, or are no longer able, to pay in that way, you will no longer be eligible for the discounted standing charge and you’ll move on to the non-discounted version of our Standard tariff.

If no such payment option is available on your current tariff, you’ll be moved onto the non-discounted version of our Standard tariff.

If this happens, we'll give you at least 30 days’ notice that your standing charge will increase. Your monthly payment amount Any product or payment discounts you’re entitled to will be built into your monthly payment amount.

If you take both fuels from npower, we'll use any credit on one fuel account to clear a debt on the other fuel before any refund will be made.