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How do I block someone from being able to contact me? To hide your location on the map, check the "Hide My Location" box below the left video screen. You can change your snapshot by clicking on the "Preferences" button at bottm right, and then on "Update Snapshot".To block someone, click on the "Block" button while you are chatting with that person. Do I need to have my webcam enabled in order to use Roulette Chat? You can use Roulette Chat without a webcam, but other users will see a black thumbnail instead of your live snapshot.

How can I not show myself on the wheel while I'm chatting?

Check the "Do Not Disturb" box below the right video screen to hide yourself on the wheel. Right now points earned on Roulette Chat just give you bragging rights.

Do I need to download or install any software to run Roulette Chat? Roulette Chat works with any Flash enabled web browser without downloading or installing any software. You can access Roulette Chat by going to the Roulette Chat website or any other site which offers Roulette Chat. Roulette Chat is 100% free to use or embed into your website.

Then you can either log in as a guest using any name you want, or get a permanent user name which noone else can use by registering for a free account. What is the difference between guests and registered users?

To disconnect from a live chat, click on the "Disconnect" button.