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A well chosen laptop such as shown on this article will give your kid a good introduction to technology, mathematics and an overall better foundation in science while also let him be able to re-watch episodes of Bob Square pants sponge or for your child to play Minecraft and other simple games.

Some kids , especially those under 10 year old or in elementary school, will not be able to fully take care of an expensive laptop as they simply don’t have the capacity just yet.

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Updating the bios is not necessary unless it supports the current version the driver you will download (This rarely happens).

Finally, yes it would set your dedicated GPU as the global display adapter but you won't have the hassle of always updating the 2 drivers plus Windows won't confused itself on whether which GPU driver is the primary one.

I suggest using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) first then installing the latest drivers. The difference between updating from the device manager compared to downloading it manually is does that in the device manager, the program visits microsoft's website to see if the driver it will download is supported and will then proceed to the manufacturer's site automatically then download it.

It takes a lot of time compared to downloading it manually from the manufacturer's site (assuming you know what OS you have and what model of GPU you have). Even though you dont install the Intel HD 5500 and only installing the Geforce 940m it will still work, I do this in all my devices and it works if i dont uninstall them and update them without uninstalling them it would cause some problems?

thanks for ur help mate Sometimes it causes issues such as FPS drop in games becasue some cached data are still stored in the Registry but sometimes it works.