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Before MM, Sam had the big showmance, of course, which wasn't low-key at all, but was hugely deniable as part of the show PR, but has led to the current messiness.

I can see why Cait backed out of that one, not just for her boyfriend's but her own - she's still asked about their chemistry, even as she's at the GG where she, not he, is nominated. But yeah, it was all less focused than the current campaign which has included the Just Jared pieces and more consistency.

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Kind of a blur, clumsily done, which is why JA came on the scene.

Well fuckity fuck me, what in the name of all that is good in this world happened to this thread? Helluva lot of "different" perspectives here now eh? when I raised some differences about bearding in US vs UK, and also defended us poor little Scots who were being accused of allowing mullets because apparently we're not that sophisticated. I think, and we'll, nothing's changed[quote]I think because he has never said himself that he has a gf or tagged her in any postings on sm says it all.

¯_(ツ)_/¯R23, I think he signed with JA just before the bearding started with MM.

She's known to have a little specialty managing PR gay clients (and she herself is gay).

Many UK fans I befriended early know it and shared that information.